28 avril 2018

Why do I love Star so much?

I talk about it pretty often on Twitter, I am a big fan of Star. The show, created by Empire's creator was aired for the first time one year and a half ago on Fox et I immediatly really liked it. Here is why.

Star arrived on the US televisions on december 14, 2016. Being a big fan of Empire, I did not hesitate to start this new show which is in a close universe. Back then, I loved the first episode and Star became one of my favorite new shows from the 2016-2017 television season very fast.

It is with peasure that I keep watching the show (I am addict now), which is in it's second season.

I really like the stories which are particularly interesting with sometimes pretty important subjects like harassment, domestic violence, sex change, addiction and many more. With hidden kids, murders, blackmail, revelations, love stories, the show is always full of twists and each episode makes me wanna see the next one. Indeed, there are a lot of cliffhangers and it really works on me because they always are very effective and full of suspense.
On the side of the musical stories, I think that it is very interesting to see how works the music business. We follow the career evolution of the characters who look for solutions to have a place in this world, to have their songs on the radio and it is really great to see the conception of a song (the writting, the recording, shooting a music video...).

Then, I find the casting really good and I love the characters that the actors are playing. Necessarily, I love Star, Simone and Alex who form the group Take 3 in the show as well as Carlotta who would do anything for them. I love Star's nature. She does not hesitate to say what she thinks and she will always be there to support and take care of her sister Simone (who has a lot of really funny lines). Cotton is a character that I really love, I think that she is really endearing.
The bad characters bring a little drama, like Arlene who does not hesitate to threat and blackmail the other characters to get what she wants. Despite the fact that she is really mean, I love this character.

Finally, the songs, necessarily very present in the show, are really good. Each week, I can not stop listening to them because I really like them a lot..

The season 2 is about to end and I think that this season is even better than the first one. The stories are, for me, way better and manage to make the show even more addictive. The addition of new characters such as Ayanna and Noah, who are characters that I like a lot, has been benefical.
After a season as good as this season 2, I really hope that the show will have a season 3 (and many more after that).

Thanks to the stories, the music and the characters, I became totally addicted to Star. If you do not know the show and that you love the soap operas, you should like it. Get started, the show is worth to be seen.

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